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There’s No Place Like Home?


On March 28, 2020, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly issued Executive Order No. 20-16 to be effective March 30, 2020.  The order notes that several Kansas counties have already issued differing “stay home” orders and seeks to “create uniformity in the state of Kansas” by superseding those orders, as long as the state level order is in effect.

“Stay Home” Order
 Unless performing an essential activity, “all individuals within the state of Kansas are directed to stay in their homes or residences unless performing an essential activity.”

Essential Activities
Individuals –   Of importance to individuals, essential activities include: obtaining food, medicine, and other household necessities; seeking medical care; caring for children (including daycare or childcare centers), family members, or pets, or caring for a vulnerable person in another location; and engaging in an outdoor activity, as long as proper social distancing protocols are met.  Families may gather privately.

Businesses –  Of importance to businesses, employers, and employees, the order expands upon the Kansas Essential Function Framework or “KEFF” issued earlier this week on March 24, 2020, through Executive Order No. 20-15.  Similar to stay home orders issued by California and New Mexico, KEFF utilizes critical function guidelines established by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

KEFF titles its four functional areas as “Connect, Distribute, Manage, and Supply”.  For a complete list of essential functions, please refer to page four (4) of the order, linked here.

Even if an essential activity, individuals must use telework capabilities to the extent possible and engage in proper social distancing protocols.

Non-Essential Business Activities
Businesses and government operations or activities not falling within the definition of an essential activity may still carry on through telework, telecommunications, or other work-from-home capabilities.  Personnel may travel to and from work to pick up equipment or supplies as long as proper social distancing protocols are met.

The order will sunset the earlier of being rescinded, April 19, 2020, or until the statewide, COVID–19, State of Disaster Emergency, dated March 12, 2020, expires.

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