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Hinkle Law Firm LLC is New Name for Long-time Wichita Legal Practice

Mar 1, 2011 - News by

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
WICHITA, Kan. – Hinkle Elkouri Law Firm LLC is changing its name to Hinkle Law Firm LLC. The new firm name reflects both the firm’s origins and its more recent evolution.

David Elkouri, a founding member of the firm, transitioned to a full-time position with one of the firm’s current clients, Petrohawk Energy Corp. Strong growth for Petrohawk Energy means that Elkouri will likely remain with the company for the foreseeable future.

“With David’s continued work at Petrohawk, it was time to update the firm’s name,” said Mitch Herren, managing member.

The firm’s new name retains the moniker of Winton Hinkle, another of the firm’s founding members, who currently serves as Senior Counsel.

“Many people have referred to us simply as ‘Hinkle’ for a long time because it is a respected and recognized name in the legal community,” said Herren. “We wanted to capitalize on that respect and remain true to our firm’s heritage. We have benefited greatly from Winton’s experience and reputation in the community, and we are proud to represent his name.”

The name change is one of many updates for the firm expected in 2011. According to Herren, growth at the firm’s Kansas City-area office could mean future expansion. The theme of growth continues at the firm’s Wichita office, where Herren says the firm anticipates increased legal activity in a variety of areas: litigation related to the bankruptcies of major automobile manufacturers; changes in estate and income tax laws, health care and other employee benefit and employment laws; changes in environmental regulations affecting the oil and gas industry; a resurgence of sales activity in the domestic and international aviation sector and increased activities in business and real estate transactions.

David Elkouri said, “I am very proud of the firm’s growth and its continued excellent service to its clients. I have many longtime friends at Hinkle, and I have the utmost respect for the great attorneys there. I look forward to the firm’s continued growth and success.”

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