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March 12, 2013 Workshop – Health Care Reform: What Every Employer Needs to Know to Make Decisions Now – Video Replay

Mar 12, 2013 - News by

On March 12, 2013, the Employee Benefits attorneys at Hinkle Law Firm LLC presented a workshop titled “Health Care Reform: What Every Employer Needs to Know to Make Decisions Now.”

The workshop was designed to dive into the nuts and bolts of what employers need to do in a practical and systematic manner in order to help employers establish a framework for making important planning decisions. The workshops were designed for business owners, HR professionals, and anyone else who works with employee benefits.

In response to numerous requests, our March 12, 2013 workshop may now be viewed in its entirety below. The entire presentation is approximately 2 hours and 28 minutes long. The video replay is divided into 15 separate segments, which can be viewed individually.


Topics Covered

  • Does the new coverage mandate (often referred to as the “play or pay” mandate), which begins in 2014, apply to my business?
  • How are part-time, seasonal, and variable hour employees counted in determining if my business is subject to the new coverage requirements? If my business is subject to the new coverage requirements, do I have to provide coverage to part-time, seasonal, and variable hour employees?
  • If my business is required to provide health care coverage to employees, what type of coverage must be provided?
  • Are there steps my business can take to avoid being subject to this mandate or at least minimizing the costs if avoidance is not possible?
  • What are the penalties if I am subject to the coverage mandate but do not provide coverage? Is it worth it to simply pay the penalty and not provide coverage?

If you are having trouble viewing the video replay click here.


Part One: Workshop Introduction


Part Two: The “Individual Mandate”


Part Three: Penalties and the Big Picture


Part Four: Employer Mandates Overview and Determining Applicable Large Employer


Part Five: How to Determine If you are an Applicable Large Employer and How the Sledge Hammer Works.


Part Six: Who the IRS Considers a Dependent and the 95 percent is Good Enough Rule.


Part Seven: The Tack Hammer Penalty and the Definition of Affordable Coverage.


Part Eight: To Offer Coverage or Not to Offer Coverage; the Key Considerations, and Minimum Participation Rules.


Part Nine: Who has to be Covered and for How Long; Seasonal and Variable Hour Employees and How to Determine Full Time or Part Time Status.


Part Ten: Benefits of the Safe Harbor Option and the Standard Measurement, Administrative and Stability Period.


Part Eleven: Initial Measurement Period and How to Calculate it.


Part Twelve: Examples of New Employee Shifting to Ongoing Employee under Safe Harbor, and the Special Transition Rule for 2013-14.


Part Thirteen: Change in Employment Status and the Impact on Optional Safe Harbor.


Part Fourteen: How the Hours of Service are Counted and the Penalties if You do not Comply with the New Mandates.


Part Fifteen: Key Takeaways


If you are having trouble viewing the video replay click here.

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