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Jan 8, 2016 - Blog by

The use of drones is becoming ever more prevalent in today’s technologically advanced society.  This is very much the case in the construction industry.  Drones can provide a multitude of benefits at a construction site, including, efficient project progression monitoring; assistance in inspecting certain completed aspects of the project; conducting security surveillance; and monitoring the actions of subcontractors or others on site.  However, the use of drones at construction sites brings with it a host of legal, regulatory, and practical implications that must be properly addressed to ensure the use of drones at your site proves as beneficial as possible for your project and business.

Here are some legal, regulatory, and practical issues to consider:

  • Insurance coverage issues;
  • Data collection, processing, and storage;
  • Potential privacy concerns relating to surrounding areas near the construction site;
  • Registration requirements with the Federal Aviation Administration; and
  • Liability concerns for malfunctioning and falling equipment.

This is only a small example of the issues to consider when analyzing whether or not to use drones at your construction site.  Be sure to conduct a thorough analysis of paramount issues in order to avoid pitfalls and maximize the value to your project.

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