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Appellate Practice

In conjunction with the firm’s civil litigation practice, Hinkle Law Firm LLC’s appellate attorneys have extensive experience in handling appeals generated following judgement in the trial courts.

In an appeal, a higher court—an appellate or supreme court—reviews the decision of a lower court—generally a trial court or an administrative agency. Attorneys specializing in appellate practice handle the process of appealing a final judgment. Recognizing that persuasive draftsmanship in the appellate brief is the centerpiece of an appeal, the firm’s attorneys are adept at formulating arguments essential for success. Because the appellate process differs from the trial process, understanding the process is key and Hinkle Law Firm attorneys have frequently appeared before state and federal appellate courts to present arguments. They also have experience in proceedings before the Supreme Court of the United States.


Hinkle Law Firm was recognized as a “Best Law Firm” in appellate practice from 2011 – 2014, and from 2019 – present.

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